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This one took forever because I had a hard time figuring out how I could make something interesting on that theme. I’m not really happy, but weh. Next one will be fun!!

 30 Days OTP Challenge: Day 6 - Wearing eachother’s clothes

Having a lover significantly taller than you had nothing but advantages. You feel safe when they hold you in their arms. They make wonderful big spoons and never complain about it: they also make the warmest little spoons, being able to press your whole body against their backs. They can pick you up so you can see over the crowd, or pick up the cereal box on the top shelf. There is many things a taller lover can do, and Belrathion loved every single one of them. 

He loved his tall lover. He loved when he would wrap his arms around his chest and rest his chin on top of his head. He loved the way he leaned down to kiss him, or when he tilted his chin up so their lips could meet. He loved standing on the tip of his toes just to be able to hug him. 

But there was one thing he loved more than the others. 

He loved to wrap himself in his lover’s clothes. Ardir’s shirts always fell off his shoulder when he put them on, but they were warm and comforting. They had the smell of his cologne and he loved falling asleep to it when he was away. He loved how he had to pull the pants up when he walked, but still ended up stepping on them. Sometimes, he’d even steal some of his lover’s underwear. On lazy days he would sneak into his first drawer and take one of the boring, dull-coloured boxers Ardir usually wore. They were tight on him but loose against Bel’s legs, letting him comfortably relax on the couch, wrapped in a large hoodie while drinking hot chocolate milk. His lover would always wake up to ask him where his clothes went, and when he would see the blond curled up in the living room, he would simply pick him up and bring him back in bed. He’d lay down behind him, wrapping his arms around his small body, protecting him from the bad dreams. 

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