Your Princess Is In Another Castle

This blog will be about my TERA adventures, mostly on the North American server, Tempest Reach. You'll get more information about the toons you'll hear about in the 'Characters' section!

I use a lot of actions from stallaris in my edits, so please take a look at her page!

I wanted to use Pudi’s part as a special banner for this one, since we made it about the same thing exactly, but I’m tired and going to bed, so I got lazy.

I don’t have much to say except I hope you guys will like it! ovo I tried I different narrating style and it was really fun to work with!

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 30 Days OTP Challenge: Day 5 - Kissing

I didn’t have any reaction when I felt weight fall on the bed. I’ve already understood that personal space was lost as soon as you joined the Guild, everyone being so… invasive. Two heads rested on my side, and I looked over my shoulder just to know who came to bother me.
"Who are you thinking about, princess?"
My heart raced in my chest and I felt the blood rush to my cheeks.
"Ah, lemme guess." It was a voice almost identical to the first one, but I was under the impression that the smile the blond castanic twins wore was exactly the same. "It’s a handsome."
"High elf."
"Isn’t it?"
Flustered, I shifted to make them get off me, staring back at the wall. I’ve been already warned that it was only a matter of time, but they couldn’t have had a better timing. It’s not that I was thinking about Ardir: I really only was wondering when will be our next mission together, but the mention of it still made me blush with embarrassment.
"Are you two dating yet?"
I turned around and sat down, staring at the other two men in my bed. For one of the rare time in my life, I would have given anything to be able to see their faces.
"Don’t lie to us, Bel." Aphros pinched my cheek while Bythos flicked my nose. "You can’t hide your feelings from us."
I frowned and groaned, bringing my knees closer and rested my chin on top of them. I wasn’t going to deny it: I liked Ardir, he was nice and I was always looking forward to our next mission together, but…
"Have you confessed yet?"
"I… I don’t want to talk about it."
I was under the impression that it wasn’t what I was supposed to say. In a fraction of seconds, I got forced to lay down on my back, both twins straddling me.
"Oh no."
"This needs to be fixed.”
"You love him."
"He loves you."
"We gotta do some—"
"He doesn’t like me."
They stopped, both starring, Bythos looking over his brother’s shoulder. I avoided eye contact as best as I could.

One of them took a deep breath in. “Listen to us, princess.”
"No one."
"Absolutely no one.”
"Can hide their feelings from us."
"Not you."
"Not him."
"Not even Azazeal could."
"And the Titans knows how Azazeal is good at hiding things."

They looked at each other, nodded, then Aphros suddenly leaned in so close, I got scared for a second that our faces would collide.
"So when we say he loves you, it means he loves you."

He stared at me for a moment, kissed my cheek, then got off of me. His brother followed, and they both stood up, leaving me alone and blushing on the bed.

"You two better kiss on you next mission, or we’re getting Katherin on your case."

We didn’t kiss on the next mission and I did get Katherin on my case. I knew I’d never be able to build up the courage to make the first move. Although I was convinced Ardir didn’t feel the same, the conversation still stuck in my head and every time I was alone with him, I would get so nervous that Ari would get concerned. I’d always have to find a reason as to why I was blushing and unable to look at him in the eyes: I had a hard time picturing myself telling him that I kept getting scared over the idea that it might be the time for me to finally get my first kiss. 

Every moment turned into a mental fairytale in which I pictured how the present situation could escalate into a kiss. I would think about Ardir bringing me to a beautiful, romantic place and surprise me with a kiss. Or maybe he would sneak one during my sleep. Perhaps it could happen after a dangerous battle, where adrenaline would take over his mind and he would grab me and kiss me like our lives depended on it. Every single one of them were cute, romantic and ridiculously cliché. I would always make myself blush by daydreaming of the moment when Ardir would kiss me after a night of heart-opening conversations. 

It didn’t happened like that. It wasn’t like anything I imagined.

 Actually, I don’t even know how it happened. It was one of the few moments when I wasn’t thinking about it: maybe I was talking, or eating, or buying something. All I know is that suddenly, his lips were on mine.

 I don’t know how long it lasted. His hands were cupping my cheeks and his thumb tilted my head up. I think it lasted a moment, but I was so surprised that I didn’t do anything.

 I think he panicked when he let go of me. I did too. I’ve never seen him like that before and I didn’t know what to think of what just happened. I don’t even think I knew what happened. I think he was about to apologize, or something like that, but I just pulled on his shirt so I could kiss him again.

 It lasted a while. Every time we would break from the kiss, we would immediately jump back on it. I don’t really know what went through my mind during that time. All I knew was that I never wanted it to stop. It felt good, I liked the feelings of his lips on mine, his hands on my neck and in my hair. I didn’t even think about what it meant. Once or twice he tried to say something between kisses, but the need to feel each other was too strong to lose time with useless words. It’s only moments later, when we both couldn’t stand it anymore, forehead against forehead and panting, that he finally said it:

 "I love you."

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