Your Princess Is In Another Castle

This blog will be about my TERA adventures, mostly on the North American server, Tempest Reach. You'll get more information about the toons you'll hear about in the 'Characters' section!

I use a lot of actions from stallaris in my edits, so please take a look at her page!

I need a mod that make the normal business suit on Elins pink

and the blue marine suit on Elins pink as well.

Because :|

Too lazy to make a photoshoot but I wanted to show my aman to everyone SO HI

More Real Life lookalike?


OK so this has been more entertaining than I expected and I just ended up finding more pictures of what I imagined my characters to look like o/

Mind that those are mostly Modern AU/Real Life AU versions, as finding lookalikes to fictional races are kinda meh.

Under the cut are the cuties~

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Here’s a picture of me in my Rosie cosplay (/□\*)・゜

I’m pretty pleased with how it came out considering my unplanned hospitalization, but I didn’t get my gloves in time so I had to take my black ones D:

This obvs isn’t the best picture but it’s the only one with only me SO YA KNOW.

MFW Priest eats every donut and then complains that some of us died to it too

Baby, you shouldn’t even be in the close area to eat donut

Skill locked is a thing that happens tho



Getting refused in REHM for having a too low ilvl

Need to get in REHM to get better ilvl

Because, you know, I absolutely need better gear than this


OK this made me laugh so much ahahhah

"Don’t let this pretty face fool you, dear, for I am a merciless Queen."

-The Queen-

"In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do."

-The Queen-

Playing the game and reading all the quests

[19:21:41] Audrey: dear mother of god this fucking lore makes no sense i spoke to 2 npcs so far and its already all broken
[19:21:53] Rachel: hahaha
[19:22:04] Audrey: …then again it might just be because they removed the tutorial along with the cuttscene
[19:22:07] Audrey: ill see how it goes
[19:22:16] Rachel: ye
[19:23:17] Audrey: oh wait no 3rd NPC ruled out that possibility

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