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This blog will be about my TERA adventures, mostly on the North American server, Tempest Reach. You'll get more information about the toons you'll hear about in the 'Characters' section!

I use a lot of actions from stallaris in my edits, so please take a look at her page!

Commissions… ish?


So I really, really want a red deviliscious costume for my elin, unfortunately I can’t afford it anymore, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading chibi sketches/linearts/finished drawings for Devilish Elin Costume Boxes?

I wouldn’t charge a lot, like, one box for a sketch, two for lineart and 3-5 for coloured depending on the method. They would be traditional drawings, however, and I won’t do complicated armors (unless you want to give me more boxes)

Reply to this message or send me an ask if you’re interested?; Here’s a few examples, by the way:

Those are digital, but you see what it’s about, welp.

liek dis if ur otp is Manaya x Kaprima

❝ Do you think we’ll be able to 10 man Nexus once 65 patch hit? ❞

- Oh dear, you have no idea

I hate myself I need this so bad



Bel and Asz commission I got at Otakuthon this year! :D Weeeeeeeeell worth the wait!

You can see the uncensored version here <3


No, I’m not selling you this limited item not available anymore for half what it was sold a month ago

Oh my god, they’re super butthurt now
"Know why only a few sold in the past month? Because no one wants to buy it at 30k"
"Ooooor maybe it’s just that it was a limited edition item and it was really popular so not a lot of people are selling it, whiiiiich would explain why there is none on the broker"

No, I’m not selling you this limited item not available anymore for half what it was sold a month ago

I can’t believe I never posted those. 


Hello everyone!!

This is a roleplay/IC blog, for me, Rosie, the Elin Priest~

Feel free to follow me, ask me questions, about me or the others, present me pretty boys I can get married to!!! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ I might reply with a gif or a video!!!

About your ABHM problem... my guild Senior Citizens likes to do guild runs of lvl 60 dungeons at 1:00pm and 7:00pm PST if you're interested.

Oh, thank you! I ended up creating my how guild though, because of numerous reasons.

But if you ever need people for ABHM, feel free to message me :>

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