Your Princess Is In Another Castle

This blog will be about my TERA adventures, mostly on the North American server, Tempest Reach. You'll get more information about the toons you'll hear about in the 'Characters' section!

I use a lot of actions from stallaris in my edits, so please take a look at her page!

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I,m bored waiting for my friend to arrive so WELP

I would quit my guild for one with people who don’t mind teaching me ABHM.


I promise I’ll bring you lots of money okok take me please

Begginnings - Asz & Bel


I haven’t wrote anything in so long, I’m really embarrassed to post this ;A;

It’s really short, it’s the story of Asz and Bel’s first meeting. Not much really, but just wanted to try my hand at writing again o/

Feedbacks are much appreciated!

Characters: Asz, Belrathion
Word Count:


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Reblogging here because I don’t have a lot of followers on my story blog ahahah

Need cheap patron weapon?

This is a long shot, but.

I’m looking to sell cheap patron weapons on Tempest Reach! I want to master my Weaponcrafting but it costsa LOT of money and I’m not sure if the items will sell, so…

I’m offering any patron weapon for 7k. It’s only to cover for the materials cost! For an extra fee I can also craft Devastator (would have to be determined)

So hit me up if you’re interested! This is only available on Tempest Reach!

Edit: Devastator would be 23k + the price of the design!

Omg I got an ask and accidentally answered privately sjfivoeofnfnrif sorry

I want to talk about my characters


Ask me about my characters please

Looking for ABHM!

I’d really like to learn ABHM, I’m gear for it on both my zerk and my sorc, but I can’t find anyone to run it with :c

Anyone on TR who knows the dungeon would like to run with me?

When people complain that TERA is now Pay to Win




I don’t think you understand what Pay to Win means

I just want to look at them and be like


Reminds me of the P2W drama of masterwork alkahest

When people complain that TERA is now Pay to Win

I don’t think you understand what Pay to Win means

waaaah, you made the kimonokini ( or ninjagi ) for your cosplay.. WAAHH *Q* !

Ahahah I did! :D When they came out, I fell in love with them, so I had to! Also it was fairly easy to make, so that’s a bonus. There’s still lots of mistakes on it since I couldn’t finish it on time (I was hospitalized the last few days before the con) but it was probably my favourite cosplay to wear so far (I got kids to take pictures with me and that’s always my favourite thing)

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