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This blog will be about my TERA adventures, mostly on the North American server, Tempest Reach. You'll get more information about the toons you'll hear about in the 'Characters' section!

I use a lot of actions from stallaris in my edits, so please take a look at her page!

About Bel!!!


Kaori asked about Bel and I meant to post it publicly but I didnt but it was a huge wall of text so I’ll copy paste it because I spent like 10 minutes typing it

Ahahahha well, let’s see

Bel is half-elf, half-human and also nearly blind. His eyesight is really poor and he sees everything blurry even with glasses, and he’s also really sensible to flashes of lights.

He comes from a family of farmers and merchants, his parents have a small shop in Tralion where they sell food they produce. He never had any education and to be honest he’s not the brightest either, but he’s very dedicated.

He joined the guild Katherin used to be in and trained under some of Valkyon veterans and when he was ready to go on his first mission, his Guild Leader hired a mercenary to look over him: Pudi’s (teraristic, I’m on mobile so I can’t link) archer, Ardir. (That Bel calls Ariel lmao)

Since things went well he got hired again and again, and after some time they fell in love and started traveling together.

Now about the current situation it’s kind of hazy because of things that happened between Pudi and I, but…

Ariel is EXTREMELY jealous and possessive, and it was already decided that Bel would break up with him at some point because of that, but were supposed to come back together. So I just decided to go along with that, except that they didn’t come back together.

So for now he’s more or less on hiatus, I threw him to go work with his parents again. Ngl I not so secretly hope that one day I’ll be able to say that Bel and Ariel are back together because they are pretty much one of my two favourite TERA shipping ever.

I wrote a lot about them and Pudi drew them a lot too. You can check the /tagged/disney+princesses on my tera blog if you wanna see! (Or /tagged/belrathion )

sooooo what little I know of Thad is that he's got two kids and is/was married to a woman named Sayu. Is he still married to her or is she still alive or what? your NEW STORY YOU POSTED IS MAKING ME CONFUSED AND IT'S MY OWN FAULT FOR NOT LOOKING MORE INTO THE CHARACTER SORRY I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON



Thad used to be married to Sayuka, and they had three kids, Willow and Lily, who are twins, and Rose, who’s the youngest. (Names courtesy of Zhi)

She left with another man leaving Thad alone with the kids. Not so long before Ashlay’s boyfriend just kind of disappeared, and so Ashlay went to help Thad take care of the girls. Things led to another, and Thad and Ash ended up sort of dating, but not really. It’s kind of complicated lmao



It’s all Zhi’s fault don’t look at me.

It’s just some Thaddeus and Ashlay fluff. That’s it.

Characters: Thaddeus, Ashlay
Words count: 569


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★.。.:*・°★ Happy Easter, hope the rest of the year will give you great sweet surprises. ★.。.:*・°★

Aaaahhh thank you!! Happy easter to you as well!

This is apost from October

WTF people

The ninja outfit is by far one of my favourite OwO so glad I could get the pink without going on RNG o/

I also got her the pink rose eye patch. I hesitated to use it since it’s not THAT pink, more of a magenta, but then again, Rosie isn’t 50 Shades of Pink for nothing.

I also changed her hair since the other one annoyed me. As soon as Reaper comes out, she’s going pink hair bunny!

Because everything could use a little more Thad: 2, 5, 14, 19



2. Do they have any annoying quirks? If so, what are they?
He doesn’t like throwing stuff away, even if he knows he’ll never use them. He also like to collect every single things he can so it’s just a really big mess lmao. And he crack his knuckles when he’s nervous OwO

5. What is one thing they do that can negatively affect their relationship with friends?
He tends not to take too much space when there’s more than one person with him? And he doesn’t really look like a nice person so this tends to just make people think he hates them lmao

14. Is there anything they are too optimistic about?
I don’t knooooowwwwww 

19. Is there anything they refuse to budge on? What are they stubborn about?
He hates when people want to clean up the place where he works. Like it’s a total mess, and it annoys him, but he doesn’t want to have anyone touch it.

Katherin because I love his dick: 2, 4, 9, 10, 14, 16, 20



2. Do they have any annoying quirks? If so, what are they?
No, I don’t think he has any D:

4. Any addictions? (Food, sex, drugs/alcohol, shopping, power/control, etc.)
I know this one will surprise everyone but. Sex. Yes. I know, I know, it’s surprising, but it’s gonna be fine. 
No but, Katherin does have an addiction to sex just like someone would with alcohol or drugs. If he doesn’t get any for a certain amount of time (like, two days) he get irritable and nervous.

9. Name some of their major physical shortcomings.
He doesn’t have any okay Kat is flawless. I mean the only things he would complain about his body is his nose and the scar on his stomach that’s all I mean that’s pushing far ok lmaoooo

10. Some of their emotional shortcomings?
(I had to get help from Zhi on that one lmao she pretty much found them all ahahahah)  Well he’s emotionally dependant, like he can’t stand being alone. He’s also prideful and arrogant and he IS racist, although he wouldn’t even see it himself. He’s also sort of sexist, but it’s mostly towards high elves. He REALLY hate female elves. AND STUFF LIKE NO KAT ISN’T THAT MUCH OF A GOOD PERSON??

14. Is there anything they are too optimistic about?
No??? Actually I was thinking of it and Kat is kind of a pessimist lmao

16. Do they have any behaviors and/or beliefs that cannot be adequately justified?
Well pretty much all I explained in the previous question lmaoooo. There’s no reason for him to be racist and sexist and an arrogant asshole other than the fact that’s how he was raised. But with the 20+ years he spent traveling, he shouldn’t be like that anymore ya know.

20. What is a self-inflicted misery of theirs? (i.e. something they perpetuate themselves)
I don’t think he has any??? He’s not one to dwell on the past or regret stuff he did so…

Officially taking a break from TERA

With EME refusing to transfer my items from deleted characters to others, I consider that they don’t want me to give them money, unless I want that money to go to waste.

Since my only motivation to play for a while have been to get gold so I could afford cash shop items, there isn’t really any reason for me to play anymore. 

I’ll still log on for worthy events and the such, and if people want me on, but that’s all. :/ I might come back when the new dungeons will be out.


You may or may not agree about the wolf mount thing, but one thing's for sure, EME'S excutive producer is a little shit

I am merely pointing out that we see this type of behavior in everything we do, it is the nature of the business. There are always [filtered]s that want to ruin things for other people, just for the sake of ruining it.
Thank you for the thought out response. If you look at any good service based business, they reward their top customers. Airlines, department stores, gas stations, all of them do something to reward their customers. This type of program isn't anything new.
If you want to stop 'events' that creates [filtered] behavior we might as well shut down the internet.
The criteria is very clear but it is internal. We aren't going to go out and say anyone who spent $XXX,XXX will earn a mount.
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